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The Secretariat is a volunteer-run group with the aim of enabling possible futures for The Substation. Volunteers consist of  members from various arts communities, stakeholders within the broader arts industries in Singapore, and members of the public. The secretariat functions as a repository of information and a platform to facilitate ground-up initiatives to enable possible futures for The Substation. We commit to encouraging multifaceted views and different perspectives to be heard and considered.

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to collate and disseminate documents, articles, and reports pertaining to the current and possible future running of The Substation as an entity

to enable greater transparency, sharing of information and facilitate the making of informed decisions by all involved parties

to facilitate discussions with the arts communities and other stakeholders, including the current Board of The Substation and the National Arts Council, for the Substation’s possible future(s)

to facilitate research and proposal-crafting

to make presentations of desirable and viable alternatives to the arts communities and the wider public (including state bodies)

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The Administration Subcommittee assists directly in the collation, documentation and report-writing of the Secretariat. This includes building up the Secretariat's archives as a support system for any who wish to access publicly-available material in relation to The Substation and its revelant isses. It aims to provide informative and relevant support to memebers of the public who wish to be involved in the organisation of efforts surrounding The Substation.



The Engagement Subcommittee seeks to organise discussions, workshops, and related capacity-building events to provide knowledge and equip potential community organisers who wish to carry forward The Substation spirit in tangible ways. It aims to assist potential organisers of future initiatives with the know-how and possibly skills to start such new initiatives by drawing on advice and sharings from other members of the community.



The Communications Subcommittee serves as the information branch of the Secretariat. The team crafts notifications to all stakeholders, including members of the media. This may involve preparing infographics (if and when necessary) and updating the Secretariat website and Facebook page (and other social media platforms). It aims to communicate and articulate the recent events and work of the Secretariat clearly and concisely.

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